The good news before the bad 

We made really good progress in the house today, thanks in large part to my Mom.  She came over this morning and we worked until mid-afternoon.  There was a great deal of time spent deep cleaning the kitchen. 

Unfortunately, we failed to consider how the cleaning products would impact Lizze and that sucks because they ended up making her migraine worse. 

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There was nothing that had a major odor but Lizze has always been really, really sensitive to things like that.  While these things gs don’t bother me personally, I can smell someone smoking down the street and it makes me sick. So I get it. 

We got a lot done and I’m grateful for all the help we had today.  


  1. tannawings

    I have to agree- use baking soda, lemon, salt , vinegar go all natural and there shouldnt be many problems. If you use bleach there are some on the market, without the odor. Use the miracle erasers instead of bleach is an answer too. They clean terrific.

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