Why I’m extremely #thankful today

I wanted to take a minute and share with you, why I’m feeling grateful this morning. Typically, Mondays are just bad all together.  We hunker down and try to get through them as quickly as possible.

This morning however, has been a little different. 

Last night, my parents dropped the boys off after having squished pumpkins for the purposes of making pumpkin pie on Tuesday evening.  After the boys walked into the door, my Dad handed me a gift card for gas at a local Speedway. 

While that may not seem like a huge deal to some, it was for Lizze and I. 
The truth is, things are really bad right now. I have a new job starting soon but it’s been met with a few delays.  Like many others out there, our food assistance has been cut and we are flat broke.  Lizze’s health is getting worse, Gavin’s not in a good place at all, Emmett’s been on the rampage and Elliott on some sort of Hunger strike.

I’m doing everything I can to hold us together until things get better.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t even sure how we were going to get the kids back and forth to school this week because the van was running on fumes.  That was a huge concern for me and I was really stressing out over that. 

However, I was able to put gas in the tank this morning and will have plenty to get us through the week.

I can’t begin to explain just how thankful I am for that.

Sure, things could be better but at least this is one less thing I have to worry about this week and for that I’m extremely grateful.

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thank your dad for me. I know he wants to do more. Sunday night i realized i had $10 in my account and praying something i forgot about didnt come thru and overdraft me. i also had a half a tank of gas and as of Tuesday I still have gas. I only have one work appt in the morning so i will make it thru. It kills me when i know my sister is on fumes and i cant help her and she feels bad she cant help me but we do for each other every chance we get

Michelle P

How nice of him! It is the little gestures that help!

Tara Safarian

That’s awesome!