My child with Primary Immunodeficiency is sick

I’ve spoken to Akron Children’s Hospital twice this morning.  I waiting to hear back from Gavin’s immunologist, as to what we are going to do.  The nurse is thinking that even though it’s a virus, we might do antibiotics.

The reason is that he’s at the tale end of what’s left of his donated immune system for the month.  He’s due for his next infusion in about a week.  Also, because he is sick, he’s in a weekend state and we don’t want anything else creeping in and kicking him while he’s down.

Gavin’s using his rescue inhaler 4 times a day and we are waiting to hear back from the doctor, as to what we need to do next. 

As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you all know. 

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Kariman Shama

Praying for him to feel better soon.

Michelle P

Thank goodness for rescue inhalers, they do help in times of need! Feel better Gavin!

Michelle Spradley



i know you are worried. I wish gavin didnt have that on top of everything else. I am so thankful we don’t have upper respetory problems. have no idea why not but thankful as I would have him at the hospital all the time and he would be angry at me for it all the time lol