My kids with #Autism are overstimulated and driving me crazy O_o

OMG…… My kids are driving me absolutely crazy this weekend.  They are so completely overstimulated and literally bouncing off of everything they can. 

No one is listening, with the occasional exception of Gavin but he’s on thin ice as well. 

This is all fallout from Thanksgiving and it just keeps going and going.   It happens every year at the holidays and despite our best efforts to keep everything low key and sensory friendly, it never fails that the boys get overstimulated.

The days that follow are mixture between crappy and nightmarish.

I’m so hoping that we get through this soon because it’s chipping away at what’s left of my sanity and leaving me exposed like a raw nerve. 


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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i actually have a break right now as my son is staying with his brother till after the first of the year. Just slapped down another $170 for meds to get him thru till he gets back but at least i am able to get them early so i wont worry that he wont have them. the worst part for me is his brother does realize how sick he is and it scares him. I have told him (and he knows) not to worry and if he gets overwhelmed or any other reason we will get him right back home. i hope it helps him knowing he has an escape hatch.

Mewsic Moves

Lost and Tired  Mewsic Moves It’ always my first conversation with parents as a therapist. “You” are the professional and I have learned some skills and education and experience to help.:) All the best Rob!

Lost and Tired

Mewsic Moves that was really, really well said.  I love the term professional parent.  🙂 Thank you very much….

Mewsic Moves

Hang in there Rob,
I’m sure you are doing the best you can and don’t give up. Just when things seem at its worse then you see a sudden or subtle shift. I encourage you to stay grounded and even when your nerve feels rawly exposed I encourage you to envision your boys at their best. Its a form of deflection and reflection as well as projection. It will surely help them when they see you grounded as I’m sure you’re they’re rock!
Keep up the great work you do as a 24/7 professional parent!
Don’t forget to take some time for yourself throughout the day to breath and recollect.
Cheering Fan to Parents!