An absolutely horrible morning -

An absolutely horrible morning

This morning has been an absolute nightmare.  I’ve been up since 4:30 am because both Elliott and Emmett woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Shortly after, the fighting began.  🙁

I finally gave up around 6 am and woke Lizze so I could close my aching, burning eyes.

My eyes were barely closed before Elliott had a massive meltdown.  He was freaking out about going back to school.  He was afraid that he wasn’t going to feel well again and his teachers wouldn’t believe him.  This meltdown was really loud and lasted for at least 30 exhausting minutes.

Nothing we could do would calm him down in the least. 

It became something he just had to work through on his own and in his own time. 

Gavin went to school this morning but was very insistent that his ankle was snapped like a rubber band.

Thankfully, we did pull it together at the last minute and everyone got off to school.  At this point I’m  completely exhausted and I feel like I haven’t slept in forever.

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Denise Reynolds Laubacher

🙁 no fun!

Lost and Tired

nicoleincos that’s awesome. .  Having a good teacher and aides is a blessing.  🙂

Lost and Tired

rjones22 tell me about it.  When Gavin would say that he has chest pain, he used to tell me it felt like a shovel… O_o


when the say things like “snapped like a rubberband” i still wouldnt know that means as it falls under “I dont feel good” It would be great if we knew what they meant and my kid is NT!!!

Lost and Tired

julh ricketzz that’s a really good point Julia.  🙂


ricketzz There is such a thing as “mild autism” it’s just not Aspergers. People with Aspergers can be just as autistic (by definition of the word) as someone with Classic Autism, they just don’t have a speech and language delay. Children diagnosed with PDD-NOS meet less diagnostic criteria than someone with Autism or Aspergers and therefore, in my mind, could be considered more “mild”. How could it be a spectrum disorder if there weren’t mild, moderate and severe forms?


KathyBrower I’m with you, Kathy!


Lost and Tired  ricketzz There are varying severities. It is a spectrum disorder.  My son has severe autism and is completely non-verbal. I would give anything if he could just tell me WHAT hurts when he’s sick. 
I don’t think anyone with autism has it easy, but I think those that are capable of speaking/expressing themselves do have it easier than some.  We come from where we come from with perspective on this. FYI, my kid doesn’t DROOL.


3:30am for us this morning. What’s up with that?  
Good job getting them out to school this morning! Mine started to aggress as soon as the bus got here, but thank goodness….got over it quickly. Major props to the teachers and aides that are there with them now. 🙂

Lost and Tired

KathyBrower I agree.  Every child and person with Autism is unique…. I guess I wasn’t so much offended as concerned about the misinformation.. 🙂

Lost and Tired

ricketzz wow…. I don’t agree at all but to each their own, I guess.

Full Spectrum Mama

And, SNOW. Courage!


KathyBrower I was quoting my pediatrician.


That comment is pretty offensive.  There is high functioning autism, which ignorant people may refer to as”mild” autism.  Regardless, to say people with Asperger’s have it “”worse” because they don’t “drool as much” is a horrible thing to say.  My severe daughter most certainly does not have it “easier” than my Aspie son or my moderate son.  My typical daughter does.


Hi Rob. Yahoo is pushing “”Mild Autism Symptoms” on your trade space. As we both know, there is no such thing as “mild autism”. Aspies have it worse than some others, because we do speak and we don’t drool as much; people assume we are “normal”. Also, how many mentally disabled people are so self-aware of their infirmity? Mild autism my ass!

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