The boys had tutoring after #school today -

The boys had tutoring after #school today

While Emmett wasn’t at school today, Elliott and Gavin were.  After school, they had tutoring again.  This is something the school started and it’s essentially an extended school day. 

The boys can get help with homework or participate in other enrichment type activities. 

They wanted us to sign them up for December sessions.  These are held on Tuesday and Thursday but Elliott has decided he doesn’t like it.  We’ve told him that he will finish out what he was signed up for but after that, he won’t have to do this again. 

Gavin enjoys the time because he gets help with his homework.  That works for him and it certainly works for me. 🙂


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Lost and Tired

rjones22 thanks. 🙂 I’m glad that he’s doing okay. Keep us posted.. 🙂


I love the homework solution for Gavin. Stress off him and you and Lizzie. You can check that off your list. I am very excited for your break. Love the school it looks clean and fun. In reference to Elllitot (here is my 2 cents and it is your kid lol) I let me kids have the option of quitting. Each kid only quit 1 time on something and i was greatful they did cause my life is easier. Since I woulf like you and lizzie have as much a break as possible if all three boys go at the same time, he has to go. it is for your and lizzie’s health. again just my two sence. And he is on the autistic spectrum he gets a pass when he needs itl. We called it the Leukemia Card at our house. Now, great news about me. I hope this makes people feel better not worse. I just called my sick son (who is staying with his brother for two months) and got a great report. Not really but i ended up having a good feeling as he was surviing. The sad thing is that the terrible things he feels right now is 1)bro, bros gf and him went shopping and his knees and ankles and feet swelled up real bad. then he went to bed and woke up in the night and put his foot on the floor and his knee went out of socket and he had to put it back in. he has had intestenial ulcers but he says that was bad for a few days. It is real cold there but he is fine he says as he has a great jacket. I feel good that he said he would shop for his bro and bros girlfriends christmas presents. that made me feel better. he is eating but does not know if he has lost weight. i will pay $170 for more meds to send so he wont run out with plenty of time so he or me wont have to think about that (very stressfull) new job is going good, please pray that God helps me use the skills he has givin me to sell stuff. I have been doing good, but prayers always help. Isnt it sad that it is a good report with all those terrible things making him feel bad. that means it could (and has been worse). How is he living like that. thank God he is. it kills me that i cant get him better. But i am going to think good things because he said he was ok and was glad i called and he said he really loves me and appreciates every thing i do and glad i love him so much. Is that the sweetest babydoll that is 21 and sick since11. I want people to know that one person is not so lost and tired at the moment even though i will be back with yall when he comes home. I told him to call me and i would have him home in a second if he or brother needs him to come home. The great thing is they both know i mean it.

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