The weird things my kids do

My kids are absolutely awesome.  I love them unconditionally and would die for any of them in a heartbeat.  That being said, my kids can do some weird shit. 

Today I’m going to share something that Emmett has this bizarre fascination with doing.  🙂

He can’t leave the soap or hand sanitizer bottles alone.  I’m not sure what’s going on with this because he’s not feeling up the bottle when it’s empty.  Instead he’s adding things to it.

It’s nothing gross, usually just water but it essentially destroys the soap or hand sanitizer. 

I could understand if he was trying to fill up an empty bottle but he’s not.  He just likes mixing his own ingredients I guess.  🙂

In the picture below, you can find his latest victim.  I found this last night while brushing my teeth. There was over a quarter of the bottle left. What’s really funny is the fact that we never, ever catch him in the act.  It’s sorta like he’s leaving his mark.  🙂



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When I was a kid I did something like that. We had a lady who came to clean for us once a week, and I absolutely adored her, so I mixed a bottle of soapy things together and  followed her around ‘helping’ her clean random things with my mix. I stained all our white doors purple. I think I was about six at the time.

Kathryn Gilbert-Rogers

My daughter does that, and she used to put the kleenex back in the box, after she used it, lol

Brett Stevens

LOL, Mine puts the tissue box outside his bedroom door every night and brings it back in his room every morning…so weird!

Dee Brake

my “typical” daughter does this but my asd son grew out of that.

Lost and Tired

katydid91 thanks. I think you hit the nail right on the head.  I always appreciate your feedback.  Glad you haven’t broken any major bones.  😉


That’s cute! The fact that you have boys increases the weird shit factor but add autism to the mix? It’s off the charts potential for weird shit! I went through many weird stages myself and I have somehow managed to get into my 20’s without breaking any major bones. I won’t tell you not to worry because you’re a parent and it’s a parent’s job to worry 😉