I’m really nervous about Gavin’s appointment in the morning

Tomorrow is a really big day that has been made quite challenging, as a result of Mr. Emmett John being sick. As of this writing, I’m crashed on the one couch and Emmett’s on the other, nursing a fever.

In the morning, we are supposed to be taking Gavin to the pediatrician for a special appointment to discuss Gavin’s current health state and recent weight loss. 

Lizze and I were supposed to take him together because this was a really, really important appointment.  Unfortunately, only one of us is going to be able to take him now and that sucks. I really prefer that both of us are present at these types of appointments because there will be a great deal of information exchanged and the extra set of listening ears is important. 

I’m really nervous about this appointment because Gavin’s health isn’t good and I just can’t take anymore bad news right now. 

Please say a prayer for all of us tomorrow…. We’re gonna need it..

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SarahArrow KnowingJoy. Thanks I will check her out.


embeddedfaith thank you Cyndi xx. Have you met KnowingJoy ? She has a fab website you might like


SarahArrow Lost_and_Tired Prayers for all of you. Heavenly father, embrace and walk with them as they journey forward.

Jen Garibaldi

can you call Lizze during the appt so she can listen?