I’m taking Gavin into the doctors today

Not that I relish the idea of another doctors appointment but I’m taking into his pediatrician this afternoon. 

The issues he’s facing with his bladder are such that I want to make sure we rule out any type of infection. It was ruled out a few months back but his symptoms have gotten much worse and so I’m wanting to make sure everything is still okay. 

I’ll pick up the boys after and take them to my Mom.. She’s gonna hangout with them while I take Gavin. 

I’m pretty sure that today’s appointment will show that there’s no infection but if there’s a chance, I want to rule it out. Gavin needs relief ASAP and this is something I can do while waiting to get into the .


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  • KimGebhardt

    Have you thought about putting him in a small-sized adult diaper?  I know it’s not a solution to the actual bladder issue, but it might take some of the away and give him some peace of mind.

  • Funny you mention because I have. I even spoke with him about this yesterday. I explained why this might help and he didn’t say no. He did however promise to tell me if he feels that he needs them.

  • Janet Meliti

    Wish you and all who are a part of this success on all of it. May things start getting cleared up in a good direction. Prayers.