#Autism Family Picture of the Day: 12/14/2013

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Today’s Autism Family Picture of the Day is once again of Emmett John. I saw him interacting with one of our dogs, Maggie and I had to snap a picture. 

What struck me when I first saw this was how much it reminded of one of the things that led to the pursuit of an Autism diagnosis in the first place. 

I remember when we were first going through the diagnostic process with Case Western, they ask us a really strange question.

They asked if Emmett was more curious about how something worked, than actually using that something.  The example they gave was this: if Emmett were to play with a toy truck, would he push it around on the floor or would he flip it over and explore how it worked?

Of course, Emmett would do just that. He always flipped the truck over and played with the wheels, exploring how it worked. He was fascinated by how things worked.

When I saw Emmett and Maggie this morning, I was instantly transported back in time to when I was first asked that question.  It’s just kinda interesting how some things never change. 🙂


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dogs paws are very interesting. i am glad your dog let him check him out. i love touching and looking at my dogs paws and I am NT. i just love my dog


Lost_and_Tired Great! See http://t.co/pibDyhIa1n for the list of media I can feature you in. I need http://t.co/nKGxF0YQDK in your blog


BitcoinLocal marjoriemcatee that would be really cool…. Shoot me a DM


marjoriemcatee Lost_and_Tired Appreciated your post about blogging. I’d love to collaborate with you. I have 180,000 subscribers

Carin L. Roylance

So, so true. I remember being baffled as to why our son (as a baby/toddler) would get so frustrated and angry when his toys wouldn’t come apart. He wanted to know how they worked, I now know. He still is more interested in how something works than its actual purpose. And more interested in how something works than in the people around him, in general.

Lost and Tired

Click the link for the story behind this picture and let me know if you can relate.