Please Pray for Gavin: We may have a serious problem

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I mentioned last night that my parents took us out to dinner and the boys spent the night at Lizze’s parents.  Lizze and I both had a hard time falling asleep because we are so used to being up with at least one of the boys. 

9:30 am rolled around and we got a call from Lizze’s Mom. 

Gavin’s been vomiting.

Her Mom says that she knows for sure that he puked once but Gavin insists he’s been throwing up all night long.  In truth, it doesn’t matter how many times because once is bad enough.

If you remember when Gavin had his first and most dangerous Autonomic Crisis, it was triggered by vomiting. That was in May of 2012 and he hasn’t vomited since then. 

Gavin’s very fragile and easily destabilized.  I don’t know what this is going to result in but I don’t have a good feeling about it. 

Gavin is very, very susceptible to dehydration as his body struggles with its equilibrium on the best of days.  Vomiting just once has the very real potential for dehydration and that has me worried. 

Gavin’s fluid intake is strictly controlled because of how his autonomic system controls his vascular system.  He’s purged himself of all fluids and is refusing to drink any water. 

As soon as he gets home, I’ll check him over and figure out what we need to do, if anything. 

Wasn’t I just saying something about this last night..  🙁

This is not a good situation and he can use all the prayers he can get. 

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i bet he refused water because he thought he would throw up again

Linda McCauley


Charlie Bolton

I hope he will be okay

Clydeine Adamchick


Katherine Hicks


Devin Smith

I hope everything turns out ok. Prayers for you and your family


Lost_and_Tired lifting him up! Praying you’ll have the wisdom to know exactly what to do to get those fluids restored!




Lost_and_Tired, Prayers for Gavin on there way


PRAYERS for Gavin! I hope he is ok.