#Autism Awareness: Autism's Little Quirks -

#Autism Awareness: Autism’s Little Quirks

I wanted to share this video of one of my kids little quirks.  My kids with Autism all have their little quirks that help to make the amazing, unique little people they are. 

In this video, you can witness one of Emmett’s more endearing little quirks. 

For whatever reason, he has to remove the labels off of bottles.  Not just his bottles either.  If he sees you with a bottle of something and the label is still attached, don’t be surprised if you find the label missing after you briefly set your bottle down. 

Does your child have any quirky behaviors?


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Tara Phillips

My son does the same thing. He won’t usually peel other peoples label off but sometimes he will 🙂

Lost and Tired

What’s funny is that he does this whether or not the bottle is clear.

Trisha Lewis

Makes sense to me. And my son does the exact same thing.

Allison Bennett Pooler

“so I can see through it”—–makes perfect sense to me!! 🙂


Lost_and_Tired it sounded like he said “so you can see through it”. He is sweet!


The_Dev_Garden I guess


Lost_and_Tired “so you can see through it”- cute! He doesn’t want anything hiding that he can’t see! 🙂


HeHasMS so we aren’t alone afterall


Lost_and_Tired : My little man likes to peel everything he can get his hands on. Labels, tape, Velcro, stickers, etc

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