Who would like to hear some really awesome news? -

Who would like to hear some really awesome news?

With everyone being sick, I haven’t had a chance to share this with you all.  This is so cool and I’m really excited to be able to share this. 

On Thursday morning, my Emmett John was named student of the month.

This was done in the morning and it was a school only function, meaning parents weren’t invited. When I arrived at the Christmas program, one of the staff told me about it.  She’s said it was the cutest thing ever. 

When the principal announced Emmett as student of the month, Emmett jumped up and screamed “yes, yes that’s me”. 

They said it was like he was on the Price is Right. He stood up and danced around.  He’s been wanting to be student of the since the first one was announced.  He’s so excited and so proud. 
We are all so incredibly proud of him.  He works so hard and this is well deserved. 

When he returns to school next year, he will be treated to lunch by the principal and get to eat lunch with him as well. 

Incidentally, they did spell his name wrong on the certificate.  Emmett hasn’t noticed yet and so I’m going to ask if they’ll reissue the certificate with his name spelled right.  If he notices the misspelling, he’s going to be really upset. 

I’m sure they’ll take care of this and it won’t be a problem.

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Mercedes L Shea

That’s really awesome !! 🙂 that’s a great thing they do with the lunch,what a great idea! You must be very proud,made me tear up and I dont even know him 🙂

Amy Prestridge Littleton

Way to go! Congrats and have fun at lunch!

Stephanie Roush Roberts

Congratulations Emmett! A great example of meeting his goal 🙂


MalloryOnTravel Lost_and_Tired Good on you Emmett, top job, from Paula and Gordon, in Australia


Way to go Emmett!!


great job buddy!


Congratulations Emmett!!!  That is a great accomplishment! (I would’ve been really excited too)


Everybody habitually misspells my name. You have to get used to it.

Congratulations Emmett!

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