Does Santa ever come early to your special needs house?

As the hour draws near, my kids are on full sensory overload from the anticipation of Santa’s arrival. As the minutes pass, my sanity wanes and I find myself wondering if other families are experiencing a similar phenomenon…

Part of me just wants to get the holiday over with and purge this build-up of anxiety and stress my kids are feeling. 

I’ll admit that the thought has occurred to me, that I wonder if Santa should come a little bit early and out us all out of our misery.?

I love the holidays. I really do. My kids love the holidays as well but they get so easy overwhelmed and once that happens, we are miserable.  While this does make life difficult for me as a parent, I do think that it’s worse for the kids because they are actually the ones going through this.

Robbing them of their holiday memories isn’t ever my goal but what’s the point of them having the experience if it’s too much for them?

Do any of you ever request that Santa makes his stop at your house early, so your kids can finally begin to unwind and relax? If so, how did you go about it and what did you say?

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Charlie Bolton

yeah, autistic kids can’t wait, they get so excited bless em’ xx

Kristine Lackner-All

No, we usually do alright They tend to get a bit excited just like any child waiting their turns to open presents. But generally Christmas eve is just a “normal” day. Then since Christmas is just us 3, after presents it returns to another “normal” day

Shelley Blundell

yes so we let them open a couple of little gifts Christmas Eve we put them in a sack and the kids give them out everyone in the house gets them it seems to help they get something to play with / distract and they go to bed less anxious and don’t get up so early we also open the gifts ( Chrissy morning ) in an orderly manner one person opens one gift at a time taking it in turns ( have done this since I was a child) even the stockings

Clementine Kruczynski

We did this year. We let him listen and watch the Santa Tracker until Santa was in Canada. We then told him that Santa wouldn’t come until he took a nap. We had ours at my bf’s families bar and restaurant, so it was really simple for us. We live upstairs lol. We just went down after his nap, he saw Santa had come, we had dinner and then opened the gifts. We did however do all of this on Christmas Eve.

Lost and Tired

What was the reason behind this decision? I’m not questioning you at all, just curious if it’s for the same reasons I thought about doing it…….