I'm so excited to share some really #positive news -

I’m so excited to share some really #positive news

I wanted to take a few minutes and share how Gavin’s been doing lately.  This post is not going to touch on health issues because those are still a major problem. 

My focus is going to be on how Gavin is coexisting with the rest of us.

Gavin has a long sorted history of major behavioral problems.  These behaviors have been so extreme that he has been admitted to the psych unit at Akron Children’s Hospital almost a dozen times in the last few years.  They also resulted in him having to be removed from our home and placed with his grandparents for over 6 months. 

While nothing and no one is ever perfect, I have to share that Gavin has been doing really, really well.

He’s making much better choices and is interacting with his younger brothers in a much more appropriate way.  It’s so nice to see him spending time with his brothers and watch them all get along, more the most part anyways (they are still brothers afterall).

All interactions still need to be supervised and that will always be the case.

Having said that, Gavin’s been quite pleasant to be around.  I don’t know how long this will last because history tells me that it won’t.  However, the kid is going to definitely get credit for how well he’s doing right now. 

At this point, I’m can’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow because there’s too many things to worry about today.

I’m grateful that Gavin is handling life so well right now and I can’t put into words how proud of him I am.  🙂

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Raynette Jones

great news. praying for ya Gavin


That is good news! Perhaps the change will be permanent, who knows?! Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy, drama free new year!

Lost and Tired

Thanks. I hoping for the same thing. 🙂

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