Holy Freezer Burn Batman, it's cold outside -

Holy Freezer Burn Batman, it’s cold outside

It’s so cold outside right now that I can’t get our house to heat above 65°F.  The furnace has been blowing out warm air all night and yet the temperature in the House has dropped by almost 10°F overnight. 

Our furnace is set to heat the house to 73°F right now because with Lizze and Gavin’s health issues, they need the house to be a bit warmer than what I find comfortable.  The cold causes massive increases in pain for Lizze, as a result of her Fibromyalgia.

With Gavin, he doesn’t maintain his body temperature well due to his autonomic dysfunction.

It doesn’t help that our house is over a century old and terribly inefficient. Looks like it’s going to be a bring your own blanket kinda day today. 

Stay warm everyone…


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Raynette Jones

walking my dog is so awful with it being so cold. morning and evening. he knows the word “hurry” and then I feel guilty but dang it is cold


Maybe make a blanketfort? Or keep everyone in just one room of the house? I know thats not the best idea, but if you could get body heat going in a smaller area it might help warm up that one space. I know you need to be able to keep an eye on all your boys at once so maybe a big blanketfort and a movie would be a better option, but just something like that might make it more of a “game” for the boys.

Christy Garrett

Great idea, blanket forts can be lots of fun. You can even have the boys hide in their tent and play on their tablets. Snuggle with the dogs too. 😉

Belenda Kay Kemp

Boy do I know this! Our house also is over a hundred years old with a furnace that is 40 years old and struggling. I’ve got the thermostat set to 74 and like yours it’s running 10 degrees colder, just can’t keep up. I will be toting a blanket around with me like Linus all day long today! Stay warm Lost and Tired family!

Lost and Tired

You guys stay warm as well. We did just hit 66°F a few minutes ago. 🙂

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