What my son’s room looks like when he’s manic

I’ve been asked several times to put together a short video, explaining or illustrating what happens when Gavin is manic.  I showed you all a picture of his room earlier but I went back and did a family friendly video (about 2 minutes long). 

In this video, I explain in more detail what you are seeing and how we have chosen to handle these situations. 

Please know that I’m not suggesting that a messy room means that someone is manic.  This is specific to Gavin and just something that happens when his mood destabilizes.

This is also the very first video on my brand new YouTube channel. 

The old channel was never really meant to educate people and so much of what is there is taken out of context.  I’m building this new one differently and my hope is that it will hold more educational value. 


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Once he pulls out of the manic phase and his room is back to being his “normal” you should make a comparison video, with close ups of the organization that he normally does. It’d give a stronger impact and understanding to those who might just see it as a typical messy room from a teenager- to see the comparison like that.

Philippa Connell

That’s a good idea 🙂

Lost and Tired

That’s a really good idea. 🙂