LAST CHANCE – It might be time to find the boys a new psychiatrist

LAST CHANCE – It might be time to find the boys a new psychiatrist

We are at Elliott’s and Gavin’s appointment with the psychiatrist, rather his nurse practitioner.  The last few times we’ve managed to get in for a scheduled appointment, we were never seen because of the office being several hours behind or being bumped for someone else. 

So far, they are 20 minutes behind but we’re early. 

Gavin’s appointment is a meds check and to discuss the mania, while Elliott’s is an ADHD meds check and depression/anxiety.

Elliott is freaking out because the office has changed a little bit and they now take his blood pressure and weight.  He’s got his face buried in my shoulder and tears streaming down his face.

While we’ve been patients here since 2005, this is our last attempt to maintain a relationship because the kids are no longer getting the care they need.

It sucks but this can’t continue.  We were one of his very first patients when he moved here from Harvard but the office has taken on too many patients and now it’s pretty chaotic and the wait times can stretch into hours…literally.

Hopefully we can get through this and be seen because I hate the idea of starting over somewhere else. 

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Janet Meliti

Gosh that is so terrible. Hope your able to find another better one soon. Poor kids what they have to go through so not right.

Becky Pruitt

So sad too because he’s such a good doctor. Our recent appointments there have entailed lengthy wait times as well but I always try to remind myself that we have on occasion been that “emergency” appointment that caused others to wait. Wishing you luck as you make this tough decision.


This breaks my heart. It’s so unfortunate that health care providers end up stretched so thin… I’ve been trying to get my ASD son in for his first visit with a developmental pediatrician for MONTHS… At one point I called every day for two weeks and got voicemail every time. And I left messages every time. Not one has been returned. It’s going on five months now and with our insurance’s coverage being what it is, I’m frustrated beyond belief. My heart goes out to you. Best of luck getting in with your boys’ psychiatrist, or finding a new one.

Angela McDonough

I have waited as long as 4 hrs to have the boys seen by there neuro pysic so i understand how you feel but usually if we get bumpped its because the doc had an emergency with a violent child


i know the change would be hard for the boys but a fresh set of eyes might be helpful. we will stay with my sons rhuemy and wait forever because that is how good he is but my son is just one and not autistic


I hate when drs offices overbook.  I am with Rhonda I always ask for appointments first thing in the morning or the first appt after lunch.  Generally, those don’t run behind.


Ask for the 1st appointment of the day.  That way there is no opportunity for back-up.


Time to cut them loose. I heard autism guru, Dr. Margaret Bauman, speak one time and she straight out said ‘The relationship you have with your doctors or your childrens’ doctors is not going to be short-lived. This is a long-term thing. So if you’re not happy with the care you or they are receiving, move on. Find somebody else.’ Being seen several hours late is infuriating; being BUMPED after waiting for several hours? UNACCEPTABLE. And I highly doubt things are going to change any time soon.
We actually did this with a world-renowned psychiatrist (Dr. Munir) at a Children’s Hospital Boston. I found him to be HIGHLY arrogant, pompous, and condescending. I didn’t care how “world-renowned” he was; he was also a complete tool who didn’t listen to me or even answer basic questions that I had without making me feel ashamed and stupid. We ended up finding another psychiatrist who heads up The Lurie Center for Autism and he’s AMAZING. Sooooo much happier with him. 🙂


Maybe you should have a talk with the doc about it and explain your concerns and how if you can’t get seen in a timely manner, you’ll have to find someone else.

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