MELTDOWNS: The reason I handle the holidays differently than most -

MELTDOWNS: The reason I handle the holidays differently than most

All to often, people don’t understand why I do things the way I do.  There’s a rhyme and reason to everything, even if it’s not fully appreciated. 

This isn’t meant as a negative slight towards anyone because it’s just not possible to understand unless you’re living it yourself.


I’m the kind of person that loves the Holidays.  I’m not referring to the commercial appeal but rather the gathering of family, changes in seasons and with Christmas in particular, it feels like a fresh start. 

My kids love the holidays as well, although for vastly different reasons.  The same reasons that any kid likes the holidays.  lol

That being said, I’ve spent the better part of today, dealing with meltdown after meltdown.

Between the excitement, overstimulating activities, anticipation, anxiety and disruption to routines, meltdowns are the natural/inevitable conclusion. 

Things got to a point this afternoon that tried to take the boys to see Star Wars but we ended having to walk out, less than halfway through it. 

Movies usually tend to work because they are distracting and captivating for the boys.  It gives me a small break and it gets us out of the house. 

Today however, things were too far gone and in hindsight, the movie was a bad idea. 

Elliott is particular is having a really rough time and I’m doing my very best to be patient and calm.  Unfortunately, Elliott’s become very good at pushing buttons and is at the point in his pre-teen/post puberty life that he’s questioning everything. 

There are a million things eating through his beautiful but completely overwhelmed mind and he just doesn’t yet have the faculties to cope. 

We just got home from the movie we had to leave and things were a bit tense in the way home. 

I’ve put myself in timeout for a few minutes and hopefully after writing this and taking a few deep breaths, I’ll be centered enough to make it through the rest of the night. 

I love my kids without question, limits or conditions but I’m still human and need to recognize that I very much have limits.  Taking a few minutes to myself really helps keep me centered and preserve my sanity..

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