Not everyone would appreciate movie night at our house

We had a pretty nice evening. It was decided that we should have a family movie night, although no one could agree on a movie. After a wee bit of drama and complaining, I made the executive decision that we would be watch The Martian… 

Movies with my family usually involve Gavin running away during any intense or emotional moments, Elliott critiquing every scene, and Emmett explaining how what we’re watching isn’t actually possible with our current level of technology. 

Needless to say, they were in full form with this movie. ☺ 

I’d say you get used to it but truthfully, it’s still pretty annoying. lol

It was still fun and everyone actually made it through to the end of the movie. Gavin left a few times but he always came back. 

Read This  aka...His Schizophrenic hallucinations

Hopefully, they all go to bed and actually fall asleep.