RAGE – We had a major homework blowout tonight

Gavin had a pretty massive meltdown/tantrum after school today.  It was over his goddamn homework again.  There were times this felt like a tantrum and other times he just seemed really frustrated and it could have been a meltdown. 

I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

He was very upset that his homework wasn’t done correctly but he admitted to not reading anything, nor was he willing to.

I asked Gavin how he expected to answer the questions, having not read the attached material?  He just said that he didn’t want to read it. 

He lost it and during what I’ll just call his rage, he kept hitting himself, screaming and even punching himself in the face. 

Thankfully this didn’t last for too long. Even still, he frightened his little brothers and it was all so unnecessary.  The problem was that he was rushing through his homework because he wanted to play his tablet. 

We of course took the tablet out of play and he eventually agreed to to read the one page of material necessary to make a legitimate attempt at doing his homework. 

To his credit, after he took the time to read the material, all of his answers were correct. It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it.  (^_-)

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Colleen Kenny Murphy

homework haters here too!!!

Angela McDonough

I used to spend 4 hrs a night working with my son sorry if it makes me sound harsh but both my kids are LD and both my kids are honor roll so i did something right

Lisa Mays

When it gets too tense I toss the homework. It’s all crap. If your kid gets the concept there is no reason to stress them out repeating it. I hate homework – it takes time from loving quiet moments – or watching a fun show – or going for a walk. I won’t push it – never. I’ll fight a room full if IEP attendees to hear why they think my kid needs that shit. He gets As and some Bs. No need for that. As he said – what does coloring have to do with fourth grade anyway.

Patty Rodrigues

I taught for 25yrs I refuse to make my children do homework… Unless they have been absent and need to learn something… Home time should be just that Home! Not an extension of school and the tension it causes.

Elle Hansen

Glad y’all were able to get his hw finished. I’ll be praying for all of you… What has helped to motivate him to not self-harm during meltdowns/tantrums before? If you’re open to some verbal cues that I’ve found very effective, I’d be happy to share.


only if every thing is like not reading the directions like for example the Clock on the VCR lol