#AUTISM AND #EDUCATION – Check out this victory

I wanted to share this because Emmett did such an awesome job.  Educating a child with Autism isn’t always easy.  For that matter, educating any child can be a challenge. 

Celebrating my kids victories is really important because it helps me to maintain perspective.

It’s really easy to get lost in all the daily challenge and lose sight of the progress that’s been made.  When raising a special needs family, progress and challenge are not always proportionate.  Sometimes the challenge seems to far outweigh and progress made. 

When things are so challenging, it’s easier to get demoralized and lose a sense of hope. 

However, I’ve found that when I focus on the little victories, hope tends to stick around and morale is a lot higher.  The other benefit to celebrating victories is that it also helps my kids to build self-esteem and that’s priceless.

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Raynette Jones

because you should and they are great and help us to do more than “get by” in life. We are “living” when we celebrate the victories!!!


americassage gabiklaf alex_jones_auth not sure anyone had that answer


gabiklaf alex_jones_auth Lost_and_Tired Are the autism stats really representative of the diagnosed cases? The high rate is questionable.