Schumer Proposes ‘Avonte’s Law’

What are your thoughts on this?

Schumer Proposes ‘Avonte’s Law’ (via Repost Video News)

(NBC NEW YORK, N.Y.) — Senator Charles Schumer announces new legislation to aid families with autism and other developmental disorders.

Rob Gorski

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if it was up to me i would have microchipped my kids with a gps if it was available. i wish i had it now and they are 21 and 26 and are NT and not going anywhere. LOL In my wishing world, i wish parents had a choice to get it done when they are born and then the kid have it taken out if they want at 18 or 19 for NT kids automatically and then for people that age out under that have a court order to keep it in. we have to keep track of the children/people. i remember panicking at the grocery store when my baby was three and brother was seven. i was looking and saying wheres brother, wheres brother. He was hanging on to my leg. the addrenaline going thru my body was awful. i really worried when the kids were little that someone would snatch them up.