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My sever has been down for a large part of today. That’s why there hasn’t been a new Blog of the Week. However, as I’m sitting here thinking about it, there hasn’t been a great deal of interest in this.

I’m really disappointed because I’ve just wanted to give back in a way that I could.

That’s okay though. It’s actually a bit of work to put that together every week and so I’m going take that off my plate for now. If interest arises in the future, I’ll reconsider.

RIP Blog of the Week.


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  • theneeds_social says:

    Lost_and_Tired, people on theneeds love your content! Now in #social at, congrats!

  • upliftingfam says:

    You are more than welcome to feature my blog, if you feel inclined.  My daughter isn’t autistic but she has special needs.

  • redthread16 says:

    Dang, I really liked the idea. I read “Normal is a Dryer Setting” from the start of her blog to the current day all in one week after you highlighted it.

  • redthread16 says:

    BTW, held a Children’s Networking meeting this morning where I live (anyone who works with kids is welcome) and our guest speaker was the director of a private school for autistic kids. I let people know about your blog as a resource.

  • rjones22 says:

    right before i got on your blog tonite i was going to say how much i enjoyed the featured blogs. both were great. sorry i didn’t give you feedback

  • rjones22  thanks for the feedback part of the problem is that it’s harder to find blogs to feature.