Focusing on this week’s #Autism victories

This has been a really stressful few days. Last minute snaggs in Gavin’s crucial IVIG infusion had me scrambling to get things fixed so his infusion happened. Everything worked out but there was a pretty big emotional toll and now I’m crashing.


That said, the boys are gone for the night and Lizze and I spent the evening watching Deadliest Catch on Netflix. It was a cheap but relaxing date night.

To cap off the evening, I want to focus on some of our victories from this week.  I’ve yet to share these and nows as good a time as any.  It’s so important to focus on the victories, regardless of of how big or small they are. 

When you face the types of challenges that many Autism families face on a daily basis, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in despair and feeling really overwhelmed. When you focus on the victories, it helps to keep perspective and makes it easier to keep moving forward, at least in my experience. 

I’m proud to share the following victories with everyone tonight……




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Girl in Sacremento

That is uh-MAZING! Congrats, Emmet and Elliot!

Jude Leobold

It is the little things in life…someone told me years ago to look for the glimmers. Made a difference in the days.


Kudos for the victories among the chaos. 
I hope you have a great weekend Rob and Lizzie.


I’ve got my own victory: the other evening I had to go out grocery shopping and cook dinner for my boyfriend but my car and house keys mysteriously disappeared. I looked EVERYWHERE but could not find them. Finally I remembered I had a spare set of car keys. I went to get them and found my boyfriend’s spare house keys next to my car keys on the pegboard, so I used those. When I came back I looked for the keys some more and still could not find them and concluded I’d accidentally dumped them in the recycle bin outside. There was no point in looking for them as it was after dark; it would have to wait till morning. So I cooked dinner and calmly waited till it got light out, then went to go look for my keys and found them after a few minutes of digging.
And during this entire time period I DID NOT FREAK OUT or get overly anxious, and I was flexible — using my spare car keys and my boyfriend’s spare house keys — to solve the problem. There was a time not too long ago when losing my keys like that would have caused me to melt down and start screaming and crying and throwing myself against walls and stuff, and I wouldn’t have calmed down until morning when I got them back. I am really learning how to cope with things better.