#Autism PSA – What you should say to a parent who’s child is having a #meltdown in public?

If you come across a parent, struggling with a child while in public, what’s the best thing that you can say?

How about nothing. Say nothing. You have no idea what’s going on and for all you know, the child may have Autism or some other challenge that has them in distress.

If you open you mouth and make a nasty comment, you are doing a huge disservice to society because you will be perpetuating an era of snap judgement and ignorance.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s best to say nothing, especially if you can’t say something nice. Perhaps offer them a warm and understanding smile but for the love of God, please keep your nasty, cruel and ignorant comments to yourself.

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  • Courtney Guyton Wiseman says:

    I always tell thm t breathe and then I showthem my puzzle piece necklace

  • Janet Meliti says:

    Yes Amen to this one as well. I hate it when my child and I get the stares and snap judgement. It’s great when we are out and about and meet people who understand what’s going on. I ‘ve really enjoyed reading the replies to this one already too. Been there and agree.

  • Mari Mar says:

    My daughter has mild cp and cvi and for some reason when she was about two and three she could not stand the sound of the bell that dings on the subway restaurant doors. We were on vacation in New braunsvil, tx (excuse my spelling) and we didn’t know the area too well but we were starving. The closest restaurant we found was a subway. We walk in and of course my daughter starts screaming her head off, we are used to just blocking out the tantrum, we get our food and just decide to eat really really fast. My sister almost got in a fight because some people were murmuring bad things about us. (Something along the line of us not wanting to feed our child) my sis went off on them. The ladies didn’t know my sister was in the same group as my daughters. The ladies just got their food and sat very quietly in a corner of the restaurant without saying a word. So yes we most definitely have gone through this and the best thing anyone can do is shut up and don’t stare 🙂

  • Kim Kennedy says:


  • Candice West-Rivers says:

    I know what to say to the people that make comments or stare. 😉

  • Lee-Anne Greig says:

    I giggle and say I’ve been there four times!!! I get it… Continue lol

  • Jessica Wesolowski says:

    Nothing at all. Or a sympathetic smile that says “we’ve all been there”