I’m ready to get back to my imperfect life

I’m ready to get back to my imperfect life

We’ve been gone for a week. That’s seven days longer than we’ve ever been gone before. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. Having said that, I’m ready to get home.

I’m ready to see Maggie and get back to our imperfect life. I truly miss our imperfect life. We’re going to be leaving in the morning and making our way back to Ohio. I have roughly two, eight hour drives between me and my house.

I’ll be sad leaving Give Kids the World because it’s absolutely amazing here, but it’s time to part ways and get back to the real world. When you’re living inside the walls of Give Kids the World, it’s like the real world is kept at bay. All the problems we were dealing with, are outside the purple trimmed walls. As long as we stay here, life is safe, predictable and easily managed.

Unfortunately, that can only last for so long and our time is just about up. We were going to be going to SeaWorld today but I’m not sure everyone’s wanting to go now. Perhaps we’ll take it easy today and do some things around the village. Emmett wants to go fishing and Gavin needs to put his star up in the Castle of Miracles. I know that I need to recharge before taking on this drive home.

I’m not sure what we will end up doing today hut whatever it is, we’ll do it together.

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