Before it all went horribly wrong

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I’m going to start taking more pictures than I have been lately.  This one is titled: Before it all went horribly wrong.


After picking the boys up from school, we paused for a fun picture before I drove off.  Everyone was happy, having fun and looking forward to their milkshake.

Unfortunately, five minutes later, Gavin dropped a bombshell about what he did, or rather didn’t do today at school.  That’s another because for now, I absolutely love this picture and will just sorta live in that moment for a little while longer before I have to deal with the rest.

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  • Lost and Tired says:

    Jenny Patton Fury heck no! Lol… The camera flipped the image….

  • Jenny Patton Fury says:

    Is umm Gavin driving?! Ha

  • Jenny Patton Fury says:


  • Lori Morton says:

    Love this picture!!