“I don’t want to go to school….. I’m not going”

This is what is what has been screamed all morning long.  I don’t know what’s going on with Emmett but speaking for myself, I can’t continue to start my days out like this. 

It literally took Lizze and I together, to get him dressed and his coat on. 

I ended up having to carry him, screaming, out to the car. 

When we got to the school, he of course wouldn’t get out and I of course, had to carry him in.  He wouldn’t going much farther than inside the doors.

It took his teacher coming out and asking him to be her special helper, simply to convince him to stay.

I just got home and I’m now completely drained…..


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Bus? It would make your mornings easier. I am not trivializing his misery … I drive one and bus two and the one I drive is miserable every morning … But the teachers here meet at the bus’s doors and that generally makes the transition easier. Maybe he isn’t getting enough sleep? Are you melatonin willing? SMS kids it works Enders, and more sleep may make a happier boy. Supposedly for this age – 5-6 – 10-11 hours is needed a night.