This is why we celebrate the little things

This is why we celebrate the little things

All in all, today wasn’t too bad of a day.  While nothing went as planned and we had to adjust at the last minute but we survived. Gavin’s appointment with Dr. Moodley at the Cleveland Clinic was rescheduled.

Unfortunately, the next available appointment isn’t until September of this year. 

However, Dr. Moodley’s office put Gavin at the top of the cancelation list because of his condition.  With any luck, we’ll get into see him sooner than later. 

As far as looking at the silver lining, I can only really say that we survived.  Sometimes that’s all that we have to celebrate but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated.

I’ve learned to celebrate everything because if we don’t, it’s easy to drown in all the negative…..


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Raynette Jones

i hear ya. everyday i wake up and am just glad my kid is alive another day. we have a weird since of humor around here because of all the bad in your face medical stuff. i told my 21 year old chronically ill child that all i wanted for mothers day is for him to wake up and be alive (which is all i want any other day). he came in my bedroom mothers day morning and said “Happy Mothers Day I am alive” and we both laughed and I thanked him

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