Gavin’s #asthma seems to be getting worse

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Gavin’s been having to use his rescue inhaler every four hours.  While we were at his infusion yesterday, Lizze and I discussed with the doctor how Gavin’s asthma appears to be getting worse. 

He’s been coughing a lot lately, especially at night.  He was coughing during the infusion as well and they instructed us to use his rescue inhaler, every 4 hours. 

It seems to help and it reduced his coughing again tonight…

This is just something else that we have to keep an eye on. 


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Lost and Tired

Mbrown09Brown  thanks.  This is the same person  that has been banned but she keep making up new names to get her jabs in.  
TThank you for your wise words.  If only everyone lived by that code.  🙂


I out grew my childhood asthma. Not to say Gavin will but we can pray


What is the meaning behind this kind of question. Didn’t your loved ones ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say DON’T


It’s gotta be a result of his manic behavior.
You look to put a label on everything, right?

Michelle Spradley


Lauren Lown

Not good luck!!!!


NikkiSchwartzVB fight asthma with herbal antioxidant from vemma mangosteen juice, asthma never attack again


Lived with asthma my entire life. It was much worse when I was a child and I am told it could get much worse again. I have had many ups and downs keeping it under control During college I went through rescue inhalers like they were candy. I got insurance and my doctor and I thankfully have found a combination of drugs that keep it well controlled. I take Singulair and Advair daily. I also use local raw honey when allergy season is at its worst. I drink 3 cups of coffee daily (coffee helps keep asthma under control) and I generally try to avoid situations where it flares up. 
Saying prayers for your Gavin that you can get it under control.