Nothing special...... -

Nothing special……

The boys will be spending the night tonight at their grandparents house.  This translated into a much needed break for Lizze and I. 

It doesn’t appear that we will actually be going anywhere but a break is a break, even if you’re stuck at home. 

On a completely unrelated side note, Lizze and I decided that while we will stick with AT&T wireless over T-Mobile, we simply can’t make a Windows 8 phone do even a fraction of what we can do on our Note 3’s.  As a result, we will be returning the Windows Phones to AT&T Wireless.  I unlocked our T-Mobile Note 3’s and we are using them on the AT&T network. 


This approach removes all cost from switching… That’s a cool thing. We actually have service in our house now.

The only thing that I’m really worried about is the fact that data is now limited to 15GB/month as apposed to being unlimited.  I honestly don’t foresee this being a problem but there is a comfort in the knowledge that there’s no limits.

The only other notable thing is Gavin’s behavior today.  He’s not doing anything wrong but he’s acting really, really weird.  He keeps dropping things and just appears to be out of it today. I think he’s just a bit off right now but it shouldn’t really be anything to worry about. 

I suppose that this is it for right now.  As the day progresses, perhaps our course with change.  There’s no way to know what’s around the bend.  We just have to live life and roll with the punches…….

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