Emmett kicked butt at his eye appointment today

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Emmett and I just got back into town, picked up Gavin and will be getting Elliott from school in a few minutes.

Emmett’s eye exam went great and he only needed a mild adjustment to his prescription. The doctor said his glasses will essentially remain unchanged.
Something that’s a little different this time is that Emmett wanted transition lenses because of his sensitivity to light. Unfortunately, those aren’t covered by insurance and I had to pay for them out of pocket but he’s so excited about them that I’m not even worried about the unexpected expense. 

Insurance covered a cheap pair of glasses that he can use as a backup pair and his transition ones will be his daily drivers.. 

I never really new how much the light really bothered his eyes. He does complain about it but he’s not fond of sharing how his body is feeling so I really didn’t think too much about it. 

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The transition lenses won’t help while he’s inside but it should help for the times he’s in the car or outside. That’s better than nothing because it’s providing a little comfort at least. 

Both pairs should be ready within about a week but I’m praying they will be done faster because he’s going to be anxious until they arrive.

He really did well today and was very patient, considering how long it took to get there (due to traffic) and how long he had to wait while his eyes were dilating. 

It really couldn’t have gone any better. ❤️😀👍👀