This is the way a teacher should leave her students with #Autism when she quits

As you may recall, the boys have had a few teachers leave them recently, for various reasons.  Out of all of the teachers that have recently left, only one of them did it the right way.

Not only did she give ample notice, so the students had time to be prepared but she also wrote them personal notes.  In the case of Emmett, she made a special trip to say goodbye because Emmett was sick on her last day.

Emmett still keeps her card close by and likes to read it to himself on occasion. 

The other teachers that left, did so in what I would consider a shameful fashion because they provided no notice and therefore left the kids in distress. 

The boys are still trying to adjust, as are the other students…


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I have an honest question.  Should autistic kids be treated with kid gloves or should they be toughened up to the harsh realities of the world?  I agree that a teacher leaving is traumatic for a child.  However, most teachers do not go out of their way to personally visit kids when they give notice to leave.  Most kids get over it.  Should autistic kids learn how to deal with the real world?  This seems like a teachable moment about handling change and loss.  If they can’t handle something like this, then how are they going to handle the numerous people who will enter and leave their lives in the future?

Lost and Tired

Thanks. I really appreciate her handling things the way she did.


That is awesome, I agree.  I hope that he enjoys his new teacher.