#Autism Parenting 101 – Sometimes it’s important to be selfish

This has been a question that I’ve been meaning to ask the community but keep forgetting to do so.  One of the reasons I’m wanting to dialogue about this is because it may help the lay person to better understand the life of an Autism parent. 

The other reason I want to talk about this is because I believe that many Autism parents feel an incredible sense of guilt, just thinking about this and that’s something I want to address. 


So, here’s the questions.

As an Autism parent, do you find time for anything else or has Autism pretty much taken over your life? If you do something for yourself, do you feel guilty?

Please share your story with us because I’m hoping that we can work together to help not only educate society but also teach each other that sometimes we have to make ourselves a priority.

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Lost_and_Tired CP parent but because she’s nonverbal similar aspects. I feel guilt, frustration, resentment and sometimes panic.

raynette jones

my kid is not autistic but chronically ill. the thing is i don’t feel guilty for doing something for myself because my problem is that i am so emersed in this ordeal for so long, i can’t think of anything i want to do. i have tried to make a list, i have tried to go to the movies etc. i just can’t figure out anything to do that doesn’t cost money or much money. if i genially wanted to do something like go to the movies, it really isn’t the money, i just don’t want to go. i do read and i like to watch movies on netflix. it is sad. i had kids early so they were/are my life just like i wanted, then the youngest has been sick for ten years. i thought about going back to school to be something, but i don’t seem to want to be anything. i volunteer a bit but that is because of guilt that i can’t do more. hope i didn’t bring anyone more down