This week's #Autism and #School Victory -

This week’s #Autism and #School Victory

Emmett had a really big victory at school this week.  He earned enough stickers to visit 2 different prize boxes in the same day. 

He of course chose a large page of stickers, which he shared with everyone he came across.


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Persephone Rising

I think you help more people than you realize Mr.Rob! And in my case, if I need some “help” that also means I am more able to help more animals too! So I believe y’all are the reason for a lot of good in the world, even through the tragedies and heartache you AOL experience. Y’all still find joy. And that is a gift from God!


Like the new format except for one thing.  If I am unable to log on for a few days I cant find those posts only the four most recent which may only contain one or two days. Ireferred how you could chose the prior stories at the bottom of a post in the older version.  Otherwise it looks great.

Lost and Tired

Persephone Rising  thanks so much.  I’m glad that I am able to help.  🙂

Persephone Rising

Good job Emmett! I confess that I read your stories in the morning if I am having a bad day, because so often you throw in these bits of joy that makes me think, “If Y’ALL can do it, I have NO excuse!” So you guys are my inspiration. No matter what. Today it is Emmett’s victory! I have faith that one day it will be ALL your victories at once! Good job through it all!!! 🙂 ♡

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