Gavin collapsed at school yesterday and didn’t tell us until today

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So this is how my day is going so far. …..

I slept like crap and so I’m not in a really good mood. Right before Gavin leaves for school this morning, he decides that now would be a great time to let me know that he collapsed while at school yesterday.

Are you fucking kidding me? How does that not register as something we should have known yesterday or for that matter, the moment it happened?


All the conversation we had yesterday with Gavin about his day and he just forgot to tell us about this…..

I asked him what his teachers did and he explained that he never told them. 

Basically, Gavin explained that he was walking and his legs just stopped working.  He fell to the floor briefly but was able to get himself back up after a few minutes.

He simply went in with his day as though nothing had happened. 

I swear to God that my mother f’in head is going to explode.  I don’t understand how he could simply carry on as though nothing had happened.  Why doesn’t it register with him that something like his legs not working is a major, major problem?

This is just one of the things that make helping him so difficult and frustrating. 

I’m calling the school and telling them to keep a closer eye on him.  I’m also letting them know what happened yesterday. 

Breathe in and breathe out.  That’s all I can do at the moment.

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Jessi Lynn Small

That is really scary… ugh I hope he will be ok.


This is a great idea. Plus it would give him a bit of freedom. 

My question for the school would be why they weren’t aware of the situation after all he probably shouldn’t be left alone.

Jenny A Marshman-Holloway

I would think a seizure dog would be better

Jennifer Piatt

Would an autism therapy dog be an option? I’ve heard they can help alert others as well as help your son get on his feet again.


how scary. i know my situation is different but i think my kid doesnt tell me things so i dont worry. I worry all the time anyway so i would really like to know specifically what i need to worry about. I hope it was just a freak thing.

Heather Lee-Thomas

Hope Gavin is doing better! Secondly with his condition why doesn’t he have an aide full time? If he collapses its a safety risk as well as his seizures, that seems qualifying enough to at least share a full time aide

Avia Batya


Christal Orvis Pewterbaugh

I have been on both sides of that. My oldest would totally make stuff up, while we wonder if truly a problem or him faking it. Went the whole first year of high school with him faking seizures, well enough they would call 911….sometimes multiple times a week. He was also have real ones, I thought my head was going to explode too. Then the other side of this, my daughter (also autistic) fell off the monkey bars at school. A proctor did see her fall, took her to the office, held ice on it. When the ice melted, she went back to class and finished her day. I was out house hunting, so didn’t find out until like 6 pm when the respite nurse told me. She was favoring both hands but wouldn’t really let anyone look or feel. She is mostly nonverbal and a very high pain threshold. Took her to the urgent care the next morning…………………………..BOTH WRIST WERE BROKEN. The school never called, the only reason the respite nurse knew to tell me, was because the aide on the bus told her. I feel your pain brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost and Tired

Peggy Sampson that is a really good question. I tend to believe him because we’ve seen this happen before. That said, you aren’t asking something that I wasn’t asking myself.

Ladonna Johnson

Gavin is in our prayers

Peggy Sampson

I hate to ask this… But is there any way of knowing whether this really happened or if he’s making it up?

Lost and Tired

The school didn’t know because there was no one present when it happened and Gavin didn’t tell anyone until this morning.

Dawn Richardson Milligan

Omg…. they should have informed you immediately!

Rhyan Soto-Motto

Heads would be rolling! Good luck getting it sorted and hope Gavin is having a better day today.