Please say a prayer for Gavin -

Please say a prayer for Gavin

Just got a call from the school.  Gavin is not doing to well and Lizze just left her doctors appointment to go get him. 

The school said he’s complaining of being really lightheaded.  She said that he’s really lethargic as well. 

Hopefully, we can get him home and he will stabilize enough, not to warrant a trip to the hospital. 

Please say a prayer and keep him in your thoughts…



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Joanne Corbett

Sorry to hear this. Will keep him, and you and the family in our thoughts.

Jude Leobold

You are always in my heart, ALL of you. My prayers are with you.

Avia Batya


Persephone Rising

I just said a Prayer for y’all…I hope it can be resolved quickly and with as little medical intervention as possible. I also hope that it is a minor thing, even though I know ANYTHING could be major, but I hope not.


Praying for your special guy.

Sylvia Vann

Praying for Gavin.

Ladonna Johnson

He is in our prayers

Kelly Smith Rhue

Will do!

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