I think much of my problem stems from chronic #sleep deprivation

It’s been a fairly quiet day for me without the kids being home.  I actually slept for about 13 hours and I can’t begin explain how much different life seems after being able to just sleep.

I sorta feel more alive than normal and I can see many more positive things in my life as a result of getting a good night’s sleep.  I haven’t really heard from the boy’s Mom and none of the kids have called with problems they want me to help them with. 

It’s truly been a break. 

Aside from writing a what I think is a really good Autism Awareness month piece, I used my free time to visit the grocery store and more carefully shop for groceries, without having to wrangle the boys or feel like I’m being rushed. 

Read This  I'm feeling better equipped to handle the day

Now I’m relaxing a bit and looking out upon my messy house.  Yes, it does stress me out because I’m a neat freak by nature but I’m not feeling so overwhelmed by it.  ☺


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