I love my kids but I swear they are going to drive me crazy today -

I love my kids but I swear they are going to drive me crazy today

Today is one of those days where my usually plentiful amount of patience has flown the coop. Elliott and Emmett are fun of energy and while that’s a bit distracting as I’m trying to work, I can cope with it. 

Gavin on the other hand is in a really, really weird place today.  I’m not sure what’s going inside that mysterious brain of his but the real world affect is one of extreme annoyance. 


He’s not really doing anything wrong and so I do feel bad that I’m finding him so difficult to coexist with today. 

Having said that, the fact that I find him extremely annoying today, has no impact on the fact that I love him. 

For some reason, he’s decided that right now is the best time to focus on making weird noises at loud volume levels.  It’s been pretty incessant for the last few hours and I’m having to really focus on letting him be himself, while at the same time preserving what precious little sanity I have left. 

Today is just not a good day for me.  Perhaps it’s because Spring break has been here for over week now and I haven’t really had a break from the boys during the day at all. 

My eyes are twitching and I feel like literally climbing up a wall right now. 

There’s only 5-ish hours until bed time and all I have to do is make it until then.  Something that much easier said than done….

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