Elliott ended up at the pediatricians today

Today didn’t go as planned but when does it ever? Elliott woke up with a really, really sore throat.  It looked like he had white pustules in the back of his throat. 

We ended up having to take him to the pediatrician’s office to get checked out. 

Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal and we could give him a day or so to see if he feels better but because Gavin’s got no immune system, we couldnt hold off.


Elliott was feeling better as the morning went on but we wanted to make sure that he was okay because there is an outbreak of strep at the school and there are kids in each classroom out with strep.

Of course, Elliott went into a downward anxiety spiral because he’s terrified of the doctors. 

After 4 hours of him freaking out, we finally got him to the doctor and it turns out that he doesn’t have strep throat.  The rapid test came across negative and we expect the more long term test to be negative as well. 

That basically took up most of the day but at least Elliott’s okay.  Remember there’s almost always a silver lining.

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i am so glad he didnt have strep. it is so frustrating to figure out, do you go to the dr or not. with gavins situation i realize you had to go but then you had to deal with all the anxiety.