Today’s one of those days where a lot of things could go very wrong

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Tomorrow is the like the perfect storm of ways that the day can go horribly wrong.  For starters, the boys don’t have school. WTF is up with that? Their first week back from Spring break is a 4 day week…  O_o

Lizze has a really important doctors appointment in the morning and her Mom is picking her up for that and will probably take her to lunch after. 


At the same time as all of this is going on, I will be giving Gavin his IVIG Infusion… This is the first one at the split in half dose.  He’ll get 30cc’s of medication this time and the other 30cc’s on Monday morning. 

From this point forward, Gavin will be down to 3 days of school a week.  🙁

We avoid doing these infusions while the kids are home because Elliott freaks out over the needles and Emmett wants to be the one to stick them in Gavin’s belly…. Emmett’s our little sadist… Actually, he just wants to be a doctor, he’s not really a sadist..  🙂

I have some things going on with work and have a shit-ton of stuff left to do for Autism Awareness month. 

There are so many things that can go wrong in the morning that it really does make me a bit nervous. In my family, it seems like it only take one tiny thing to go wrong the domino’s start falling down all around us. 

The biggest thing that can go wrong is Gavin’s infusion….. If something happens with that, it’s all downhill with no brakes.

I just want to make to lunch.  If we make it until lunch time, it should be much smoother sailing…..

Fingers crossed……

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Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly.