We had a big surprise tonight

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It’s a school night and we are down two kids. Even though Gavin’s appointment was canceled, my parents took the two boys overnight and will them to school anyways. This was really amazing because we haven’t had a break from the boys in a long time.

Gavin stayed with us and we decided to take advantage of this. We took Gavin to dinner and then to see the new Thor movie. He was funny because the movie didn’t start until 8:30 PM and he was so worried about missing his bedtime. lol

The movie was amazing and Gavin was so tired after. Gavin is very focused on his schedule and routine, disrupt it at your own peril. It’s good to sometimes disrupt his schedule or routine every once in awhile because he has to learn to adapt. We don’t do this very often but tonight was one of those times. He actually did pretty well but couldn’t get to bed fast enough when we got home. lol

We all had a really good time tonight and we’re all grateful for the time tonight. ☺

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