I’m at the end of my rope right now and literally sick to my stomach

I’m at the end of my rope right now and literally sick to my stomach

I know I promised to update you all on Gavin’s IEP meeting and there are several really important things that I have to share.  However, it’s gonna have to wait. 

Between what happened Wednesday morning with Gavin and the issues raised at his IEP meeting, it’s been a truly awful day. 

To be completely honest, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this emotionally messed up over something…. I’m at the end of my rope right now and I’m literally sick to my stomach.. My head is pounding and I’m going to simply call it quits for the moment. 


Hopefully, I’ll wake up in a better place and have had some time to process everything that’s happened recently and be able to put into words what I need to say…

I don’t know that I’ve ever asked this before but please keep me in your thoughts and prayers… I’m in a pretty bad place right now and I feel totally lost……..

Thank you all for understanding and for your past, present and continued support.  I truly appreciate it…….

Good night…….

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Barbara Johnson

sent you an email . . .

Shirley Stavedahl

Hang in there.. answers and coping skills will come!!


praying for u

Trina Myrick Moshman

praying for all of you

Janet M Mombourquette-Kroetch

Deep breaths!

Lorena Polinesi

I’m going to sleep now . But first . I send you a cyberhug ! And sweet dreams

Lost and Tired

Thanks.. 🙂 Gonna get some sleep while I can… Please have a peaceful night…

Stacey M. DeGree-Johnson

It’s not the end….being at the end…means going on the up swing…no where else to go. You will be ok. Wiser stronger

Avia Batya


Melissa Zewe

hang in there


Praying for you! I truley hope you get some rest tonight as well as some peace. I know you are going through a lot. Get some rest tonight, hopefully the world will be a little brighter in the morning.

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