Can anyone tell me what this rock is?

Elliott was out exploring in the yard today and found a few of these rocks.. I’ve never really been a rock guy, so I’m not sure what they are..

He’s driving me crazy because he wont let it go until he knows what it is…

I thought I would ask and see if anyone out there can identify this rock with a level of relative certainty.. Personally, I think it’s quartz but he wants to be sure….

Thanks folks…


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I would have to guess Quartz too. 🙂


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I have no idea. I wanted to let you know that the other day i left this big long post about how crazy my life is even though it didnt have anything to do with this rock. the funny thing is that for what ever reason it didnt post and i am glad. I started out by saying thanks for you having this blog so I could “throw up my life problems” somewhere and that i probably should start my own blog, which i wont because i dont want to and dont have a lot of interesting stuff to say (not putting myselft down, i am just not a lot of fun and my life is problematic lol). even though the post didnt post, probably because i am technology challenged, it really helped me to say all that stuff as i was having a hard time that day and just couldnt believe the things that were going on. great news is some of that stuff is already resolving itself which is great. I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me by having this blog and that someone out there (quite a few people actually) seems to give a crap when things seems to be going south. thank you again for the time you put in this blog.

Laurie Brown

My geologist husband says it looks to be quartz with maybe some mica. Hard to tell without seeing it in person.

Brittany Hays

A very nice Quartz


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Megan Harbath

Quartz or salt. Have you licked your rock today?

Patty Rodrigues

Quartz crystal…

Jude Leobold

Local quartz?