It's always something isn't it -

It’s always something isn’t it

The boys won’t be home for a little while and after sleeping in, I’m going to go walking. Lizze is in a great deal of pain today, so I’ll be walking alone.

Before we went to Chipotle last night, we also took Gavin to the garden center. He’s been having a lot of joint related issues and we wanted to get him some exercise without overdoing it. Unfortunately, just was few minutes of walking led to issues with his knee.

This morning, Gavin informed us that his knee was worse today than it was yesterday. So even if Lizze was feeling better, I’d still be walking alone. 😔

There’s nothing we can do about it aside from giving him some Advil. This is most likely Ehlers-Danlos related and until we know more, we have to be careful.

There’s no cure for Ehlers-Danlos but there may be options with physical therapy. My guess is it would involve very low impact muscle strengthening, around the affected areas. Maybe not, I don’t know.

Anyway, he’s away on a mission now, Lizze is resting on the couch and I’m debating whether or not I take Ruby with me to the park. You’re not supposed to but people are always walking their dogs on the track. We’ve never done that but at this point it seems more like a suggestion than a rule.

Maybe we’ll take her for a walk later because I’m not sure she’d make three miles anyway and I need to do that for me.

I slept funny last night and so my back is really sore. The only thing that ever helps with that is walking. Today walking will be doing double duty. ☺

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