Gavin's very clearly in a psychotic break -

Gavin’s very clearly in a psychotic break

Gavin’s been living in his visibly challenged world all day so far.. It’s getting a little frustrating for his brothers who want to spend time with him.

It’s really hard to know what to do because it’s not good that Gavin has lost touch with reality but at the same time, there isn’t much we can do about it right now.  Our best option is to let him go for a little while and simply make sure that we pull him back out of his world after a little while and sorta encourage him to engage in reality and do something with his brothers.


This is so exhausting because there’s no clear cut, right or wrong answers here.

It’s just as easy, if not easier to the do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing, without even knowing. It’s a great deal of pressure because I want to help him but I don’t really how to anymore.

I want him to be happy and experiencing these things that only he can see and hear are making him happy.  There’s very fine line here and it’s not easy to navigate or stay on track because no one can tell us what we should be doing…

It’s frustrating for everyone involved and it’s going to make for a really long day…..

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Jo-Anne Gorski


Avia Batya



i wish i had something to say to help. I cant say i know how hard it is but when my son was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and had a bad bad reaction to a medicine they gave him and his delirium went on for really 36 hours but the brunt of it for me was about 12 hours cause i didnt know what was going on, just thought he was being a little weird every once and a while. but for four of those hours it was everything i could do not to get him to touch his arms ( he was thinking there was spiders crawling on him that he could see) but I couldnt get him to quit looking at his arms (I was hoping if he didnt look he wouldnt see them but in his thinking at the time it would have been unbearable as if he was looking he could still feel them)  i was exhaused just trying to keep him calm. he knew the spiders werent there but he could see them. it was awful. i felt bad after it when it was over because i was like, what if he is like this all the time. i assume they would give him some meds to stop him from seeing things that werent there but you know that doesnt always work. like i said it was a temporary reaction because of the meds and i am so glad it is over. My God i feel for you and Lizzie

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