Would you “cure” your child of #Autism?

Would you “cure” your child of #Autism?

This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. Please keep an open mind and be as honest as you can, while respecting everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

Please keep in mind that Autism impact everyone differently.  Some people are not seriously impacted, while others are.

If you could remove or cure your child of Autism, is that something you would do? Why or why not?

Things to keep in mind:

1) Everyone is affected differently
2) If you remove Autism from an individual, how much of who they are would go as well?
3) This is from the perspective of a parent of a child with Autism.
4) Would removing Autism improve your child’s life?
5) What are the moral or ethical concerns associated with doing something like that?

Lastly, wanting to cure your child of Autism DOES NOT make someone a bad or selfish parent.  Unless you are living that parents life, you have no idea what both them and their child with autism goes through.


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Colton's Journey


Victoria Xagoraris

I dont know what its like to be autistic. However….autistic people state it is who they are. I wouldn’t want a different son. However…I wish I was able to know if my kid knows I am not autistic. …and that im doing the best I can. Rob….do you children have access to read Ooo ir blogs? Im just curious… if they do….what do you feel they would think of them? Ah….the tough questions ..I know…but…just because we experience autism from one way…doesnt mean its the same for the kids…ya kno ♥

Sawyer White

I would, because the sadness and anxiety he has are horrible…It has been a HORRIBLE week!

Lisa Kelly Ebersole


Avia Batya

My autism makes me good at what I do.

Kay Turner

I would want something that ‘cures’ certain aspects of it. For example, the meltdowns, but not the parts that make my son as sweet and caring as he is.
If you ‘cure’ the whole thing, it would change who that person is entirely.

Mike Tyler


Shondolyn Gibson

I’d rather change the world and make it better for autistic people myself.

Cassandra Stone Boland

In a heartbeat

Rhyan Soto-Motto

Love when you ask the tough questions Rob! It lays the foundation for open discussion and acceptance that all families come to autism in different ways and are affected in different ways. We have to accept each others paths and come together to drive positive change for all people on the spectrum!
As always my answer is, in a heart beat.


my kid doesnt have autism just sick. I would cure him in a minute. if i did have an autisic kid, hell yeah i would cure him. i know everyone has their own opinion, but damn, NT kids have enough issues already, why put another one on them

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