The morning after #meltdown -

The morning after #meltdown

I love holidays but at the same time I hate them.  I hate them with a fiery passion because of what they do to my kids and subsequently my sanity. 

This morning has been nothing but meltdown after meltdown. 
Elliott and Emmett are all amped up from the holiday weekend and are literally bouncing off the walls.


When it came time to get dressed,  Emmett freaked out because everything he was wearing bothered him.  He uses the word itchy to describe how his clothes, shoes and socks feel. 

Lizze has been trying to wrangle them while I get Gavin prepped for his infusion this morning….

Now it’s off to school….

With any luck, they will spend their excess energy while they’re gone and when I pick then up this afternoon, they’ll be depleted and totally chill.

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Avia Batya


Jude Leobold

I pray for a productive and peaceful day. Take a breath and be at PEACE

Mark N Kathleen Visscher

Glad to know that we are not alone… We didn’t even get invited to any family gatherings this year…..

Raynette Jones

i am just glad my kids arnt little and didnt expect easter baskets as there was no money. i am sure i would figure something out but i feel for all these families with little or no money and every other day there is a holiday.

Lost and Tired

I feel you. This year we managed but only because I sold some things for far less than their value, in order to make sure they had an Easter.

We always try to plan ahead as well but it never works out…


I had my own meltdown the weekend before last. It started when I couldn’t get the cat’s collar adjusted properly so I could put it on him without him slipping it off, and just escalated from there. My mom did absolutely nothing while I chased the cat around upstairs, generally terrorizing it, and then locked myself in the bathroom and screamed for the better part of an hour and threw myself against the wall so hard it cracked. Mom didn’t move to intervene until I went outside and started screaming on the front lawn and embarrassed her in front of the neighbors.

Clearly the meeting she had with my therapist about how to help me de-escalate these meltdowns has come to nothing.

I know some people (not me) have criticized your parenting, Rob. I know you feel guilty a lot by your perceived failures as a parent. But at least you DO parent. My parents have never been like parents, even when I was little. More like adults who just happened to live in my house.

Lost and Tired

Thanks for sharing so honestly. I’m sorry that you go through that… 🙂


Trust me, she’s done worst. The last really bad meltdown I had was on Christmas Eve. She responded by screaming in my face, imitating the gestures I was making, making fun of me for being unable to cope with loud noises and such — and exaggerating in the process. She claimed that if I heard a car alarm even, if I would start waving my arms and covering my ears with my hands. It’s not just that I don’t usually have reactions to car alarms — it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE to both wave one’s arms and cover one’s ears at the same time. Then she chased me out of the house and down the street screaming at me the whole time. I had to go running, in tears, to the neighbors.

Needless to say, my Christmas was ruined. She later, grudgingly, said “I’m sorry I upset you.” That was all she had to say about it. She still can’t understand why I got mad at her about it. Claims she doesn’t know what the big deal was.

At my next psychiatrist appointment, I burst into tears telling him the story. Four months later, it still upsets me to think about that day.

Lost and Tired

Hang in there. I for one thing k you’re doing a great job..

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