There’s a good chance I’ll be going offline for awhile and here’s why

Before we move on completely from this week of problems related to our A/C going down, I did forget to mention one thing that may affect this blog for the immediate future.

The only bill I wasn’t able to get caught up on was our internet bill. It’s about a hundred bucks, which hasn’t been a problem lately. 

Unfortunately, we had to choose between fixing the A/C and providing relief for the kids or saving the money and paying the internet bill. We chose the to fix the A/C because it would have the most positive impact on the kids.

The point is this, I’m probably going to lose the internet until the beginning of July. This will significantly limit my ability to write. We could easily tether from our phones but T-Mobile still hasn’t upgraded the towers in our area, so we have no data unless we go about two miles in any direction. 

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The reason they’ve been working is because we use the 4G LTE Cellspot router. This needs an internet connection to work, and therein lies the problem. 

If this does happen, and it likely will, I’ll have to upload posts when I leave the house. 

Maybe I can adjust the arrangements, and buy some more time. If not, that’s what’s happening.  As much as that will suck, I’d make the same decision again. It’s a pain in the ass but we can work around a lack of internet. What I couldn’t do was provide relief to the kids without prioritizing the A/C. 

As much as I need the internet, the kids are so much more important. Life moves on and this is just another hiccup along the way. 😁